Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jakarta Monas

Tempat Wisata di Garut - Flare hawkers in the area of the National Monument (Monas). They seem free to sell at various angles, whereas according to the provisions of the forbidden area for merchants. Officials on guard Satpol PP seemed helpless.

From the observation of Post City, Sunday (7 / 11), the hawkers who peddle drinks, Pop Mie, kites and others seem free to sell. They are not only located in Monument park, but also in the area or the cup Monas monument.

Some traders hold merchandise in the parking monument, while waiting for a buyer who had just come down from the top of the monument or to the outside of the museum. Worse yet they threw the former Pop Mie or plastic wrappers carelessly, so that when the wind flying direct. This condition would create a dirty area that became the icon of Jakarta.

Jakarta Governor, Fauzi Bowo, the commendation during the inauguration of Mayor Jakpus, M. Saefulloh, requested that the monument area became one focus of attention handling. So one of the tourist sites in Jakarta is clean, orderly and comfortable.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Latest News

Daftar Hotel - The dispute Goddess Perssik (DP) and Julia Perez (Jupe) did not prevent the film production process Spirits Goyang Karawang. The film, starring both pedanggdut it should not be interrupted ensuring universal.

Hotel  "The movie is still running? Jjadi no effect at all, there is no down payment or no effect with the film. Keep walking with me as its main star," said Jupe when dhubungi via telephone.

The film is indeed trigger feud between Jupe with DP. Both are lined up to play in the same movie. Jupe then assess the DP is not professional. DP does not receive virtually no professional and consider Jupe has tainted his reputation.

Goddess Perssik (DP) assess statment Julia Perez (Jupe) libel after ex-wife's absence Syaiful Jamil is currently shooting a movie screen debut, starring the two pedangdut this.

DP also clearly states that the quality of his acting as compared with the lover does not want Gaston Castano's football players. "To be sure, the Goddess Perssik never becomes Julia Perez and vice versa. People know the quality of each of us," said DP, Saturday (30/10/2010)

What response Jupe? "I'm defamation, I think what I omongin not excessive, should know that defile themselves who?, Should she in the mirror, I just professional demands in the work, if indeed confirm previous yes illness, do not fit the day would shoot the driver told to go home .

In the world of entertainment, according to Jupiter himself also other artists should really worship. Himself, said women who had been nominated as the Vice Regent Pacitan also been sick and got to the infusion but still come if it's business. "So they can not be as good as its eyebrow wrote," Jupe said with a tone of annoyance.